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Bringing a track-record of over $7B in returns, with 5 back-to-back exits since 2010

Suman Talukdar, Founder & GP

Arriving  in Silicon Valley from Houston as a freshly-minted computer engineering graduate in 1999, Suman Talukdar experienced the tail-end of the first internet revolution. Living through the next wave of cloud adoption starting in the mid-2000s, he recognized in 2014 that another transition was underway, one where artificial intelligence is eating the same SaaS software slowly consuming the world.

Suman Talukdar is a Founding Partner at, helping entrepreneurs build category-leading ventures. Prior to starting the fund, Suman was a successful Silicon Valley venture-backed operator, with five back-to-back exits including Cloudflare’s IPO, Anaplan’s IPO, and Clearwell’s sale to Symantec for $400M. He was also an active angel investor, building a portfolio with names such as Ripple, Palantir, and Sharetribe. His most recent exits include (acquired by Niantic) and Apprente (acquired by McDonald’s). His mentors include accomplished founders and venture capitalists Burt McMurtry and Felda Hardymon.


After completing his graduate studies in business and finance, Suman worked for Parthenon's private equity group in Boston. He started his professional career as an engineer working under the guidance of Adam Cheyer (who later founded Siri) as a member of his artificial intelligence research team at VerticalNet. A published author on innovation, Suman also holds an MBA from Harvard and a bachelor of science in Electrical Computer Engineering from Rice University. He is married with three children, is an avid tennis player and enjoys listening to classical music.

  • Cloudflare (IPO $4.4B)   
  • Anaplan (IPO $2.7B)

  • Clearwell (Acquired by Symantec $390M)

  • Chartcube (Acquired by Anaplan)

  • Mojave Networks (Acquired by Sophos)

  • Parthenon Group, Accenture CST

Harvard MBA, Rice University ECE

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